Studio Arricale is much more than a project management consultancy.  Our experience allows us to be involved in and oversee every stage and decision throughout the project phases.

We also join projects after the design and planning has been completed, and also midway to help rectify late and over budget projects.

Design and Planning 

  • Identify, shortlist and contact suitable interior designers based on consultations with the client.
  • Interior designer fee negotiation and release of funds strategy / negotiation.

    Edoardo can help facilitate the exploration of your design ideas to enable to appropriate selection of an interior designer whose style is suitable to what you are trying to achieve.  The best interior designers can be selective with projects, and Edoardo is able to lead contact and negotiations to help you attain the best designer for your project.

    Furthermore, Edoardo’s experience in reviewing, negotiating and agreeing design fees and schedules can ensure protection and value for money for the client.  In past projects, Edoardo has been able to negotiate considerable savings in interior design fees.

    Team Selection

  • Help shortlist and vet potential contractors and services (architects, building companies etc).
  • Negotiation of all contracts and prices with all contractors / suppliers during the project.
  • Involvement in all meetings with sub-contractors.

    Studio Arricale can either come on board and manage an existing project team, or be involved in the initial tendering and team selection.  We have a small number of expert professionals (development companies, architects, A&V etc.) who we frequently work with for central London developments, who we would be happy to recommend.   


    A thorough, 360 degree project management approach covering all aspects of the project.  In practice this will entail: 

    • 2-5 times per week site inspection to monitor progress (depending on stage of project).
    • Organisation and running of site meetings with all contractors and professionals involved (interior design, architect, builders etc).  Typically this involves:
      1. A formal on-site meeting with the entire team, undertaken weekly.
      2. Adhoc specialist meetings as required.
      3. Adhoc informal meetings / catch-ups undertaken during site visits.

    Edoardo’s approach is to undertake very frequent site visits, whilst encouraging communication and spotting and dealing with potential issues immediately.  Edoardo’s experience in development and design means he is able to make quick on-the-spot decisions in the interest of the client.  This allows the project to move swiftly through stages without being held up through inefficient communication channels, or damaged by a lack of a client-side expert decision maker.


  • Supplier vetting, tendering and price negotiation.
  • Review and approval of supplier design decisions.
  • Assessment for client suitability, practicality and fitness for purpose.
  • Commissioning and project management of bespoke furniture.

    If the client requires the acquisition of furniture, both antique and new commissions, Edoardo has a network of experts that can be relied upon to deliver fair value.

    Snagging & Client Handover

    Edoardo’s experience as an interior designer will ensure a rigorous review of work, with contractors and artisans held accountable for the quality of their work.  Edoardo is commonly provided with sign-off authority for release of client funds for completed project stages, and is able to ensure that the client’s best interests are met at every stage of the work.